Currently under Christian Education Department there are 10 Sunday School Sectors namely:

  1. Lerie
  2. New Minister Hill
  3. Agri
  4. Para Medical
  5. Officer’s Hill
  6. Main Church
  7. Town
  8. DBS
  9. Bayavü
  10. High School

With the supervision of the Director and Associate Director of the Department, the Sunday school classes are being taken with 10 Asst. Superintendent and 51 teachers. The Classes are arranged as Beginner, Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The student’s academic grades are from Nursery- Grade 10.

  • Sunday School Timing: 7:00 AM- 8:30 AM.


We Strive to implement a biblically based curriculum and through different Events that nourishes and equips our young disciples with teachings that will help them face challenges in today’s world. The purpose of the department is…

  • To Lay Biblical Foundation
  • To Build An All Round Holistic Development.
  • To Help Them Understand The Love Of God.
  • To Encourage Them To Accept Christ As Their Personal Saviour.
  • To Build A Good Relationship With The Children And To Bring Out The Best In Them.
  • To Make Learning And Worshipping Fun And Captivating.
  • To Inculcate The Basic Principals Of Christian Living Through The Word Of God.

Evaluation: To make Exam an unaware activities as Children are sensitive to identification by intelligence and have a high sense of justice. We emphasis in Grading system to avoid thin-line differences. And also Characters are to be rewarded rather than Intelligent.

In order to let the children understand the importance of Daily Christian Living and that Christian life cannot be achieved over night, but need to keep striving until the last day of our life on this earth. And at the End we will receive reward according to our conduct on this earth. The evaluation starts from the first day they come to Sunday School (From Day 1) It is a Continues Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) from different areas such as Punctuality, Cleanliness, Memory Verse, Discipline, Participation and Attendance. And so Grade is given to them according to the marks they secure in different areas throughout the year.