Good marriages can always be made better! When two beautiful souls come together to establish a Christian home in marriage, the Church prayerfully and happily provides ample opportunities for the engaged couple to deepen and refine their love for each other.

And, as the engaged couple prepare for the biggest day of their lives, the church wants them to have the best experience and memories even in using the church premises because the church is responsible before God for celebrating and witnessing their marriage.

Therefore, with the hope to give the best, here are a few policies and guidelines to assist them:

1. Kohima Lotha Baptist Church will only recognize marriages between a biological man and woman.
Therefore, the Pastors and staff shall only participate in weddings and solemnize marriages between a man and a woman. Furthermore, the facilities and property of the Church shall only host weddings between a man and a woman.
2. The Church requires them to go through a series of pre-marital counselling. They will be assigned to a particular counsellor prior to the counselling sessions according to the counsellor’s convenience.
3. Wedding rehearsal generally takes place one day before the wedding in the church.
4. Special songs must be Christian (Songs that honour Christ) rather than secular. Broadway tunes, and other music that may have meaning for an engaged couple but may not be appropriate for a Christian worship in the church. For this reason, the Church official must approve all songs selections in advance of the ceremony.
5.Wedding day
a. The church do not conduct Wedding Ceremony from 10th December to 15 January.
b. If the wedding day falls on Wednesday and Saturday the decoration team must clear-up the
things before 3:00 PM
c. No wedding ceremony on Thursdays.
6. Decorations
a. To avoid any damage, do not move benches and podiums. Nailing on the benches, pulpit and pasting anything which would stain walls or peel off paint from walls or carpet are strictly prohibited.
b. Any seasonal church decorations already in place at the time of your wedding should be left undisturbed.
c. The decoration team are requested to use the waste-bin/Dustbin provided for depositing all the waste left-over.
d. The decoration team must maintain quietness and avoid late night-stay (9:00 PM) as far as possible.
7. The church wants you to include at least four ushers from the church to be part of the team you are forming.

Please contact the Stewards incharge Rev. Sankiluma Kikon( 9774013277 / 7005904102)
8. The church offers the following facilities as a package for the wedding feast with a nominal fee of Rs. 25000 (Twenty Five Thousand only).
1. 300 Chairs
2. 10 Serving Tables
3. Basic Sound System
4. Few steel Flower stands

***The wedding party is liable for compensation either restoration or repair in case of any property is lost or damage.

9. All trashes generated during the feast are to be removed by the wedding party.
10. If any wedding that wants to include a cake-cutting ceremony, then it has to be part of the wedding Ceremony and will be administered inside the church.
11. The Church also encourages a combine Marriage (Mass Marriage)
12. The Church expects decency in dress code from the couple. Please avoid excessively low necklines or exposing gowns for the brides.
13. Photographers too must dress decently and appropriately fitting to the occasion.
14. Do not maintain separate record Registers for the Bride and Groom in the wedding reception.
15. Wedding Program – Program sample with official participants will be framed-up from the church Office. Please bring a proof of your program for review before printing.
16. The church always expects from everyone to maintain utmost care of the church property as well as respect the sanctity of the same.
17. In order to maintain the reverent character appropriate to the celebration of the sacred ceremony, and to avert miscommunication/misunderstanding, we ask the couple to kindly explain in advance these policies and guidelines to the group and person(s) proposed for their assistance or to log in to the page.
18. During such busy times in preparation for the wedding, we remind the couples to take everything in Prayers so that they receive guidance and blessings from the Lord. Do get sufficient rest to prevent Stress/burning out before the wedding day. May the couple have a wonderful beginning to a beautiful life ahead.

With Blessings and prayers.

Board of Deacons, KLBC