The Kohima Lotha Baptist Church was established on 4th March 1956 by eight members with six housholds. They are:

  1. Lt. Mr/ Lt. Mrs. Mhonsao Kikon
  2. Mr./Mrs. Rhonthungo Tungoe
  3. Lt. Nyanshio Kikon
  4. Mr. C. Yilumo Kithan
  5. Lt. Chanchi Jami and
  6. Lt. Lichio Humtsoe

By the grace of God with these eight members, the Church has grown up to 2406 members having 932 households. At present, the Church has Fourteen Ministerial Staff , Eleven  non Ministerial staff and Four Youth Evangelist.

The Church has expanded to Seven sectoral fellowships creating an opportunity for the members to worship God on every Wednesday and Saturday.